Lend Us Your Chassis…26-10-2017

Donate Chassis To Annex RC

Do you have a spare chassis or can we borrow your chassis plate to develop our next chassis protector?

If you have a chassis plate we can borrow for up to 2-3 weeks so we can template new chassis guides.
In return, we will give you 3 of the new chassis protectors to fit your car.

We only need to measure the plates so there’s no wear and tear and we will send it back to you on recorded delivery.

Interested? Drop us a message in Contact Us and we’ll let you know if we still need the chassis model.

Current Chassis Required:

  • 1/10th competition spec buggy/truggy
  • 1/8th IC or E Buggy
  • Other popular cars, including bashers, e.g. Revo, Mini 8ight, EMB1, etc.


  • Current model lines only
  • Aluminium or carbon chassis only


Pictures will be taken on receipt of chassis before use so the lender of the chassis can confirm and agree to the condition of any existing wear and tear.

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