The Race Game & A Big Thanks! 28-05-17

Whilst busy developing our latest range of protectors, I’d like to take time out to say a massive thanks to our customers and consumers who have supported us since our launch Annex RC with a ton of positive messages about the performance of our products.

While Mark Zuckerberg’s “Move Fast and Break Things” motto for Facebook might be useful advice for digital start-ups, it’s certainly not be the best advice when it comes to the RC market, where precision and reliable performance are key to building customer trust.

The decision to start Annex RC is from a passion business idea rather than a million pound business case! Like the hobby itself, our customers come from all different backgrounds, but one thing in common is investing time and money in the sport – and that’s exactly what we are also doing.

The better motto for us is “Move Fast and Become the Best”, but due to current team size and funding, we’re going to take “Move Steady and Become the Best”. We are aiming to establish a strong portfolio of fitments available in 2017, but we would ask our customers to be patient with us as we launch new ranges as soon as possible.

Over the past few weeks we’ve developed a number of cutters ready to be finalised, but time is needed for final tweaks with re-sourcing chassis plates to make final alignments. You can see pics below – we’re working with such small tolerances! No wonder the competition doesn’t bother!

Team Associated: B64 Development:

Annex RC Product Dev









Annex RC Product Dev Alignment Correction










Keep updated on our news page, product listing, and do follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates for a fitment on your RC!

Again, thanks for the support and patience!!!


Team Annex RC

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