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Every Annex-RC chassis protective sheet is tailored for specific vehicles and these are pre-cut using premium materials.

You can check out our range of product fitments, listed by manufacturer. Each product comes with 1 protective sheet.

Key Product Features:

  • Strong adhesive to prevent lift during racing
  • Strong lamination surface with low friction
  • Screw access on key areas with our V2 line for essential set-up and prolonged use
  • Minimal interference with ride height settings
  • Operating temperature up to 100C 212F
  • Ultra Thin – Ultra Strong!

Why Use Protectors (Racers):

You’ve just built and set-up your new RC, and it’s a marvel of beauty. The set-up would have costed £000’s and the new whip is ready to battle on tracks! It’ll be such a heartache when that clean under chassis gets scuffed badly! This is why chassis protectors are a must! But remember, not all are made equal…get protected…get Annex-RC!

  • Maintain a clean chassis!
  • Prevent wear and tear!
  • Race harder with confidence!
  • Race protection look!
  • Glide with less friction when you bottom out on landing!

Why Sell Protectors (Retailers):

Stocking the right chassis protectors for your customers are as important as selling the latest race kits!

  • Become the local one stop shop
  • Customers can look at hop-up options rather than being put off through maintenance costs
  • Exclusive sellers can attract new customers
  • Essential buys results in impulse buys

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Annex-RC Product List